ESV Component Stand risers and shelf frames are made from heavy wall tubular CRS (cold rolled steel) and connected with Class 12.9 bolts for ultimate strength and rigidity and coated in a durable black matte powder paint finish.  Shelf frames are cross braced welded 1" square tubular steel, with a 0.500" dense laminated MDF insert that is 5 side encapsulated with an aesthetically matching durable plastic laminate.  The MDF laminate finish is both UV stable and washable and wont stain or fade over time, which wood finishes have a tendency to do.

ESV60 or ESV90 stands come with 3 "CS" shelves (minimum) for top, mid and bottom positions of the risers.  A minimum of 3 shelves are essential to assure lateral stability and safe use of the stand.  Additional shelves are available as an option.  ESV's ultimate mass and rigidity design delivers solid performance.  Shelves accept components up to 20" in width and 16" or more in depth.  Weight limit is 150 lbs. for bottom shelf, and 75 lbs for all others.  Recommended placement of highest mass components in lowest positions of the stand for optimum performance.

Steel square tubular frame design with 0.500" MDF laminated insert with 4 down facing spikes for floor mounting of amplifiers, crossovers and other central floor mounted components.  The AS Floor Stand can also be used laterally for deeper components.

Components are firmly grounded to the floor which minimizes effects of vibration.  Components benefit from adequate underside ventilation.  Ventilation suffers if used directly on carpet, impeding airflow.

Floor mounting optimizes cost of cabling and provides improved aesthetic.  Comes with 4 basic spikes, Bling Thing 1.0 Spike upgrade shown.


Optional "IS" Isolation Shelf has a 2"x 1" tubular steel frame design that incorporates 4 inverted steel spikes, supporting a suspended 0.750" x 18"w x 14"d dense MDF laminated shelf.

The IS shelf design, with its 15 lb. mass, eliminates the effect of mechanical or acoustic vibrations and completely isolates all turntables or vacuum tube components from their noise generating effects.

IS shelves may be placed in any position of an ESV Vertical Stand with its high mass / high rigidity design.

  "VW" Wall Mount Stand

Incorporated Suspension Isolation Shelf

(Matching in Appearance to ESV Vertical Stands)

ESV Series

Ultra High Mass / Ultra High Rigidity Component Stands

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The "VWL" vertical wall mount shelf is ideally suited for turntables, which benefit most through isolation from the floor.  The VWL weighs only 6 lbs. and can support components up to 26 lbs. in weight.

Overall size of the VWL stand is: 5"h (at wall) x 17.75" w x 17.75" d and weighs 6 lbs.  The VW comes with 4 screws & covers for secure mounting to your wall.

"AS" Floor Stand

Matching in Performance and Appearance to ESV Series Component Stands

The "VW" vertical wall mount shelf is ideally suited for turntables, which benefit most through isolation from the floor.  Like the IS shelf, the VW has a 2" x 1" tubular steel frame design that incorporates 4 inverted steel spikes supporting the suspended 0.750" x 18"w x 14"d dense MDF laminated shelf.  In addition, the VW is welded and center braced to a wall mount frame with 4 mounting holes (on 16" centers) to mount firmly to any wall.

Older homes, or homes with less solid floors are best applications for the VW.  The VW design further eliminates the effect from any mechanical or sound based vibrations and completely isolates the turntable from the floor.

Higher mounting height allows for easier use of any turntable, without having to bend to see the needle location. 

Overall size of the high mass / high rigidity VW stand is: 9"h (at wall) x 20"w x 18.5"d and weighs 21 lbs.  The VW comes with 4 screws & covers for mounting into wood studs.  Use of toggle bolts optional if non 16" center studs.

ESV90 (36") Component Stand Shown with full compliment of 6 "CS" Shelves.  Shelf Heights: 11" / 7" / 5" / 3" / 2.875" (from bottom)

Weighs 70 lbs. (3 shelf) / 100 lbs. (6 shelf)


The tradition and performance of the creator of high mass / high rigidity speaker stands, audio component stands and accessories

  "VWL" Wall Mount Stand

Formed Metal Isolation Shelf w Absorption

(Matching in Appearance to ESV Vertical Stands)

"IS" Suspended Isolation Shelf

     Suitable for all ESV Series Vertical Stands

Component Stands

ESV60 (2) (24") Component Stands Shown with 1 optional IS Shelf, shown nested and shown with Bryston Components of variable heights and widths

ESV60 (24") Component Stand Shown with optional "IS" (top) & 4 "CS" Shelves. Shelf Heights are: 7" / 5" / 3" / 2.875" (from bottom)

Weighs 58 lbs. (3 shelf) / 68 lbs. (5 shelf)