HRSeries-High Rigidity

2 Rect. Columns in 3 Heights

HR50B 20"

HR60B 24"

HR70B 28"

  Top Plate HRS 0.090" x 6.0" W x 8.0" D

  Base Plate HRS 0.187" x 9.0"W x 11.0"D Weighs 18 to 22 lbs. per stand

Robustly Styled and Media Fillable

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MR Series-Maximum Rigidity

4 Rect. Columns in 3 Heights

MR50B 20"

MR60B 24"

MR70B 28"

  Top Plate HRS 0.125" x 6.0" W x 8.0" D

  Base Plate HRS 0.250" x 9.0" W x 11.0" D

  Weighs 31 to 39 lbs. per stand

Authoritatively Styled and Media Fillable

FS Series - Firm Stand

2 Round Columns in 3 Heights

FS50B 20"

FS60B 24"

FS70B 28"

  Top Plate HRS 0.090" x 6.0" W x 8.0" D

  Base Plate HRS 0.187" x 9.0" W x 11.0" D

  Weighs 11 to 13 lbs. per stand

Classically Styled and Media Fillable

"First and Finest" product.

The all steel, high mass, high rigidity speaker stand simply did not exist before it was originally developed by Target Audio Products (UK) in 1981.  Wood and other speaker stand materials never could and still cannot, provide the dramatic improvement to sound quality that Target Audio Products stands provide to your performance speakers or monitors

Speaker Stands

Simply the best Speaker Stands available, still at an affordable price, ask your local dealer about Target Audio Products.


The tradition and performance of the creator of high mass / high rigidity speaker stands, audio component stands and accessories

HS Series-Heavy Stand

1 Square Column in 3 Heights

HS50B 20"

HS60B 24"

HS70B 28"

  Top Plate HRS 0.090" x 6.0" W x 8.0" D

  Base Plate HRS 0.187" x 9.0"W x 11.0"D Weighs 14 to 16 lbs. per stand

Aesthetically Styled and Media Fillable

Base plate spikes and rubber feet are included, along with top plate spikes and pads.  Protects surfaces and speakers.
Center channel / wide speaker application?  Target Audio stands are positioned laterally for all wider speaker cabinets.

Audition Target Audio stands for yourself to hear the difference achieved through effective use of Acoustic Coupling.

Choosing the Right Target Audio Products Speaker Stand

All our speaker stands are robust and designed to provide excellent rigidity and performance, but which is right for you?

      Firstly, what is the right height of Target Audio Products stand for my speakers?

The right height of a speaker stand, positions the HF driver / tweeter height at, or slightly above your ear height when you are seated in your normal listening position.  As to exactly how much above, depends on the number of HF drivers and if oriented in a vertical array.  Mid point or higher between a vertically oriented HF array is typically your best starting point.  If still unsure, mock up the speaker height by using a table and some books to adjust the height of the speaker and take a listen. This method allows you to hear their best listening height in advance of purchasing.  Then you can feel confident about your choice and know what to expect beforehand.

      Secondly, which Target Audio Products stand can support the weight of my speakers?

FS Series supports up to 30 lbs. each* without deflection of the top plate

HS Series supports up to 40 lbs. each* without deflection of the top plate
HR Series supports up to 50 lbs. each* without deflection of the top plate
MR Series supports up to 80 lbs. each* without deflection of the top plate

          *  More weight is permitted, yet with slight, non-detrimental deflection of top plate.

      Thirdly, which style of Target Audio Products stand will perform best with my speakers?

FS Series dramatically improves overall sound / imaging compared to bookshelf, floor, desktop positioned speakers 
HS Series provides all benefits above and further improves bass and focus of speakers due to their increased mass
HR Series provides all benefits above yet further improvement in bass / mid response and due to increased mass
MR Series provides all above, delivers best bass/mid/HF response range & most focused presentation of soundstage.

      Lastly, why are Target Audio Products Speaker Stands any better than other stands that cost less?

Target Audio Products Stands are 100% thick steel, substantially heavier and of vastly more rigid construction than any other speaker stands available.  Not made of aluminum, though rigid, it is only 1/3 the weight of steel.  Target Audio Speaker Stands are much heavier.  As such, they simply perform better, and sound better.  These traditional aspects of our designs are very important, and readily discernible to those seeking the best from their stand mounted speakers.  

With pricing of floor standing speakers sometimes making them unaffordable, quality stand mounted designs represent tremendous value to the serious listener, especially when mated with a performance stand.